Digestive Complaints

Digestive Complaints

Gut health is at the root of overall health. Instead of treating your symptoms, such as a laxative for your constipation, or an antacid for your heartburn, we will work on identifying the underlying root cause and treating that. Using an integrative and functional medicine approach, we will take the following steps to restore your digestive system:

Step 1: Remove

Using clues from your diet history, as well as stool tests or food sensitivity testing if needed, we will remove foods that create havoc on your body.

Step 2: Replenish

We will replenish any nutrients or digestive enzymes your body may be deficient in.

Step 3: Restore

We will restore your gastrointestinal tract with healthy bacteria, which will crowd-out the bad bacteria.

Step 4: Repair

We will repair the lining of your gut for optimal absorption and defense against toxins.

Step 5: Rebalance

We will rebalance your nervous system so the “rest and digest” part of your nervous system responsible for many digestive functions, called the parasympathetic branch, can do its job properly.