Healthy Weight Program- What to Expect

Here is What to Expect:

What to Expect at the First Visit (60 minutes): $250

  • Discuss goals, motivation, prior challenges, self-care, and mindset
  • Complete assessment will be conducted
    • Head-to-toe physical exam
    • Body fat analysis and measurements
    • Vitals check
    • Urinalysis
  • Complete Blood Test-  $199 (No insurance billing. Labs must be drawn at Quest).
    • Comprehensive bloodwork panel ordered to assess baseline and identify hidden barriers to weight loss (comprehensive metabolic panel, check lipids, blood sugar, insulin, markers of inflammation, complete thyroid panel, vitamin levels, and hormone levels)
  • Optional Add-On Testing (for additional cost)
    • Saliva cortisol test (is stress contritubing to weight gain or do you store fat around your middle?)
    • Food sensitivity panel (do you feel bloated or tired after eating certain foods? Experience strong cravings to gluten, dairy, or other common sensitivities?)
    • Gut microbiome stool test (did you know your gut bacteria composition can affect insulin resistance, inflammation, and metabolism?)
  • Initial Treatment Plan Recommended
    • Basic supplements prescribed
    • Learn how to do a "kitchen clean-up"
    • Simple self-care regimen created
    • Custom fitness plan safely designed to fit your abilities, schedule, and goals

What to Expect at the Second Visit (45 minutes): $150

  • Review all lab results
  • Specific supplements prescribed based on test results if necessary
  • Custom nutrition plan based on results (*please note- we focus on WHAT to eat and HOW to eat to restore health, NOT on DIETING, depleting, or strict meal plans).
  • Workout plan tweaked as needed

What to Expect at Monthly Accountability Visits (30 minutes): $120

  • Assess progress, troubleshoot obstacles, and motivation/accountability checks
  • Adjust supplement prescriptions and workout plan as needed
  • Order follow-up labs as needed (for additional cost)- typically done at 3-6 month intervals depending on results

Weekly Vitamin B12-MIC injections and vitals check- $25/week

You are making a substantial investment in your health. We encourage long-term commitment of 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months to help you stay motivated to stay on track!

Patients will have access to Dr. Bachman via the patient portal for brief questions and check-ins.

Regular acupuncture sessions (for additional cost) are encouraged to balance mind and body, as well as alleviate any sore muscles or discomfort from your exercise regimen.

Disclaimer: Of course, results are individual and are NOT guaranteed. The goal is approximately 0.5- 2 pounds per week, depending on the individual. More importantly, my ultimate goal for you is to develop sustainable healthy eating and lifestyle habits, positive self-image, and restore better physical, mental, and emotional health.