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Treating Thyroid Disorders

If you are constantly feeling lethargic and weak or find your weight climbs or drops without reason, don't brush it off as being tired or growing older. You may have a thyroid disorder.

Thyroid disorders can make every day a struggle to get through, and possibly lead to depression, thinning hair, or bowel issues. If you have signs of a thyroid condition, the experts at Reno Health Institute in Reno, NV, can help diagnose and treat your condition to keep you feeling happier and healthier.

What are thyroid disorders?

Thyroid disorders occur in two forms. Hypothyroidism occurs when your thyroid levels are too low. This can cause weight gain, tiredness, and feeling overly cold. Hyperthyroidism is when the body makes too much of the thyroid hormone which can cause rapid heartbeat, weight loss, and lethargy.

How are thyroid disorders diagnosed?

At our Reno, NV, office we will take a thyroid panel and check your adrenals. Blood tests, imaging tests, and a physical can be used for diagnosis.

How are thyroid disorders treated?

Depending on the cause of your thyroid condition, we may advise lifestyle changes, medications, or nutrient supplements.

Hyperthyroidism treatments may include taking beta-blockers to help control symptoms, prescription drugs that stop the thyroid from making hormones, or the use of radioactive iodine which damages the cells to prevent them from making high levels of hormones.

Hypothyroidism may require thyroid replacement medication to increase thyroid hormone levels. Natural remedies like taking vitamin B, selenium, zinc, or probiotic supplements may also offer improvements such as lowering sugar and gluten intake. As stress can also be a factor, practicing meditation or getting more sleep can help. Some patients may also find success with peptide therapy

Restore your energy and improve your health with the help of Reno Health Institute in Reno, NV. Call us today at (775) 507-4740 to discuss plans for your thyroid disorder treatment.

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