Thyroid & Adrenals

Thyroid & Adrenal Health

Do you feel tired but wired? Exhausted and weak? Are your hands and feet always cold? Is your hair thinning? Struggling with constipation? Feeling blue? Unable to lose weight despite your best dieting and exercise efforts? These issues can be symptoms of low thyroid function. Whether you have been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, or you have been told everything is “normal” on your lab work, but you still feel symptoms, we can take a deeper look into the underlying causes and offer a different approach. We will check a comprehensive thyroid panel, including thyroid antibodies. We make sure your adrenals are healthy as well. Our treatment approach consists of more than just a pill, we work to correct the underlying factors impacting your thyroid, restore nutrient deficiencies, and provide lifestyle recommendations. 

Thyroid Disorders in Reno, NV


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